"Oh, how hard it is to speak Spanish!"

Y por fin, yo sé porque mi profesor de español en la prepa (quien estaba de México) nos dijimos que “chaqueta” es una mala palabra jaja.

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It's "l'avocat" not "le avocat" :)

Oh man… thanks for catching that! I wrote that post 5eva ago when I was in an introductory French class, so you know… lots of mistakes all the time.

I fixed the post, though! :D

Second semester senior status!!

That means I’m (supposed to be) thesising all the time, while classes are at a minimum (thank God, hallelujah). So I’ve decided to drop my French grammar and composition class, the main reason for doing so being that it was going to be more work than I wanted to do while I’m working on my thesis and figuring out certain things for next year (housing, finances, etc.).

Even though I won’t be in a formal language class, I will still be using some of my language skills. My university has a translation club that facilitates a language conversation group between native speakers and learners. I’ll be participating in one-on-one conversations as a native English speaker and as a Spanish learner, so I’m excited for that!

I wanted to be matched up with a native French speaker, but unfortunately, that wasn’t able to happen. If you’re reading this and would like to help me out with my French (and maybe also want to practice English), send me a message, and we can exchange Skype names or something.


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Spanish progress: more random conversations

So apparently I look Mexican…? My shuttle driver asked if I was from Mexico and then if I spoke Spanish. I was able to have a short conversation with him en español. Él es de Tijuana y le dije que he visitado Michoacán cuando tenía 16 años. Me ayudó encontrar la estación de tren y cuando yo tenía salir, me dijo que mi español es “100%”. Yayyy… Estoy contenta :)

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Spanish progress: Week 11 of class…

…and I feel like… maybe… taking this class was a mistake.

But at that same time, no, it wasn’t a mistake. At least not until my original class section was disbanded, and I moved to another section.

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French progress: speaking all casual like

This week in French class, we learned about “le langage familier” y “le verlan” and had to memorize a bunch of vocabulary. Par exemple:

l’argot | le langue courant
un mec, keum | un homme
moche | laid
le blé | l’argent
chialer | pleurer
meuf | femme
chanmé | méchant

*l’italique indique le verlan.

It’s safe to say that we pretty much sound like we’re actually 20-somethings or just like we’ve been speaking the language for a really long time. Lol yeah right… Even after learning the vocab, I feel like this week’s lessons have shown me just how far away I am from being even remotely fluent. I can barely understand a person who’s speaking French at a normal to fast pace; it’s even harder when they’re throwing in words I don’t know yet.

But at least I can curse someone out in French now, right? La chose la plus importante de français, n’est-ce pas? :)

Studying for my French exam means conjugating verbs in passé composé. And then again in imparfait. And then again in subjonctif.

Je suis très fatiguée de la conjugaison…

Spanish progress: casual conversations

So I’m in the library writing my Spanish paper, and a lady came in to clean the chalkboard, and she asked me if I was a freshman because she’s never seen me in the science library before. I told her that I was a senior, and she was so surprised and told me I look so young. So I asked, how old? And she said, 15. *sigh* I’m never going to escape this, am I? lol

Anyway, I’m kinda bored and lonely here, so I started talking to her, and we introduced ourselves. She was super nice! And then I asked her in Spanish if she spoke Spanish (I figured she did because she had a Spanish accent and looked Hispanic and then her name kinda confirmed it), and she said yes and that she was from Puerto Rico. We talked for a bit in Spanish about where I’m from and if other people in my family speak the language (I think she thought that I was semi-fluent… maybe?) and what I’m studying and about family and things, and she was so nice! And she told me that I speak Spanish really well, which made me the happiest human. But actually though.

SO YAY! :D :D :D

And now that I feel better about my language skills, Imma whip out this Spanish paper like a boss.